Eurogamer - Recommended

"Gareth Noyce’s revival of the British Isometric puzzle game offers a deep and amiable dungeon filled with eccentric wonder.”

“Isometric puzzle games in the style of Knight Lore, Head Over Heels, Amaurote, Solstice and Equinox have been mostly overlooked. Noyce began this project wanting to answer the question: 'What would those games be like today?' Lumo is a fitting title for the answer he's found: enchanting."


Micro Mart -  9/10

"Lumo is a fantastic Indie title. The developer, Gareth Noyce, has done an excellent job of mixing up the past and present. Worth every penny."

Retro Gamer - 9/10

"If you’re looking for a game that will have your nostalgia glands firing on all cylinders then Lumo is perfect."



Metro - 8/10

“A loving tribute to isometric adventures of the Spectrum era, that does enough to ensure new fans can enjoy it as well. Some very clever level and puzzle designs, and hundreds of rooms to explore. Great sense of humour and lots of homages and in-jokes for nostalgic fans.”


Games Den - 10/10

"Lumo is the best game I have played this year and stands tall as one of my favourites of the current generation. I had an absolute blast from start to finish and the constant nods, winks and loving nostalgic trips down memory lane the game took me on made me smile more than any other game in recent memory and took me back to my childhood, to simpler times when these games were at their most popular, where it feels like you are on a grand magical adventure and fully sucked me deep into it’s world. Easiest 10 I’ve ever given. I am absolutely head over heels (wink) in love with Lumo!"


US Gamer - 4/5

"Lumo packs many different challenges and puzzles into its oldschool isometric 3D platform adventure format. It can be tough at times, but it's nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable - riffing on many classic British games of the 80's that you mightn't know, but will enjoy discovering.”


Hardcore Gamer - 4/5

“Lumo is a big, puzzley, dungeon-romping love letter to the history of gaming. A wonderful little thing, gorgeous and intricate and tricky, and a perfect example of what a game from the past made for the present can be.”


PS Nation - 9/10

“So many little things made me smile, brief changes in gameplay, nods to films, distinctive music, graffiti, and loads more. If you have been around since the days of the Amstrad, Sinclair, Amiga, and even the Super Nintendo, you will enjoy this.”

“Lumo also manages to deliver the allure and challenge for new gamers with the more-forgiving adventure mode. It all looks and sounds fantastic, with a warm and inviting appeal that softens the countless deaths and masks the difficulty in a happy fuzzy blanket of fun.”


PC Gamer - 75/100

“Lumo is a charming platformer with a lot of personality, and is absolutely heaving with ideas and imagination.”

“A platformer with a lot of heart.”


Digitizer2000 - 1984/2016

"Gareth Noyce, wanted to answer the question of what isometric games would be like if they were around today. Job done: they'd be like this. What a delightful spread."


Entertainment Focus - 4/5

“Lumo is a charming game that has made me realise just how much I’ve missed the genre. It’s a well put together package that will be sure to please fans of the genre and new players alike. Old School mode is going to keep me busy for months. Highly recommended.”


God Is A Geek - 7.5/10

“It’s clear that Gareth Noyce loves video games with subtle and not so subtle references to games spanning decades and there is a tonne of hidden secret rooms which seemingly appear from nowhere. The surprising appearance of new areas has a joyful feeling to it, giving the impression of a developer having fun creating this bizarre little bit of nostalgia and it’s hard not to get swept along with that kind of infectious love of gaming.”


Tech Raptor - 9/10

"Lumo never fails to be intelligent, with its list of callbacks and references, challenging obstacles and puzzles, and charming design. Lumo does more than just breathe life back into the isometric adventure genre. A new genre, where the classic charm of decades past is met by the design complexity of the modern era, is created by Lumo."


Use A Potion - 8.4/10

“Whilst there are plenty of releases these days that try to provide similar gameplay experiences to those we enjoyed from the earlier years of gaming, Lumo goes a little further back and modernises the classic isometric adventure game. It does a great job of it too – it’s one of the most charming puzzlers I’ve played this year.”


Push Square - 8/10

 “Lumo is a surprisingly fun throwback to a genre of puzzle adventures lost to the winds of time.”  


Playstation Universe - 8/10

“In resurrecting a very specific sort of puzzle adventure that the industry has seemingly forgotten, Gareth Noyce’s heartfelt love-letter to the past succeeds in weaving a yarn which manages to feel both fresh and compelling at the same time. This is the isometric platform puzzler you never knew you wanted.”


Game Revolution - 4/5

“There are plenty of nods to classic gaming throughout. One of the pleasures of Lumo isn’t just finding a hipster cassette collectible, but how small moments evoke a bygone era.”


Linux Voice - 5/5

"It brilliantly recreates the challenges and addictive gameplay of its forebears."

Game X - Best Adventure Game [May 2016]

"Lumo is one of the best examples of a game with its roots in the past, while looking to the future. Also Ducks. So. Many Ducks..."