"Lumo is a retro gamers dream come true. A puzzle platformer that utilises the long forgotten isometric graphical style and countless easter eggs to create a lovely and nostalgic slice of gameplay. If you want to see the game in all its lovely 60 fps glory, check out this let's play where Ian tackles Lumo's EGX demo!"

The Miller Report is a weekly sitcom about the life and times of a video game journalist who seeks the truth. This week, after a horoscope tells Simon 'The Miller Report' Miller to be nice, he heads off to see upcoming indie game Lumo.


"There's quite a few adjectives that spring to mind when playing Lumo, a retro styled puzzle platformer from Gareth Noyce of Triple Eh? Click play to hear some thoughts about this charming game."

GameX.io discover the real purpose of the ducks...


IGN get hands on with the first 30 minutes of Lumo.

Lumo, first look gameplay trailer.


Eurogamer Expo trailer, Sep 2015.